Forward Momentum for Corbanix

Corbanix mission is to research traditional formulations in various countries for the healing and cure for chronic ailments with a commitment to transform them into pharmaceutical formulations, thus the business model T2P – Traditional to Pharmaceutical formulations.

Our challenge is; whether it is Chinese or African or Indian medicines, traditional medicines severely lack scientific characterization, standardization and formulation.

Crude formulations are risky in terms of toxicity, safety and efficacy. Even to meet the demands in India for traditional medicines, the requirements are so changed nowadays that the crude formulations must comply to clinical research standards from preclinical studies to Phase 1 studies, including toxicity studies, to establish safety and efficacy of this medicine.

This new paradigm opens the doors for Corbanix to introduce scientific formulations in traditional medicines for the global market. With Corbanix Standard, crude ingredients and formulations will be scientifically transformed and meet safety and efficacy established to global standards.

Our primary focus is on standardizing active ingredients used in traditional medicines. As such, all of our applications include only the most scientifically standardized active ingredients.