Success in the treatment of Psoriasis

For many years scientists, physicians and patients have been searching whether there is an answer out there on how to cure Psoriasis. We have identified an ancient topical formulation in Siddha medicine that heals Psoriasis.

  • When tested on patients for 1 year, 25% dropped out and the remaining patients reported healing.
  • Within 5 days all patients reported some improvement such as the "itching stopped."
  • Mild to moderate category of patients with plaque psoriasis were totally healed.
  • Patients with palmoplantar pustulosis (psoriasis in palms and soles) showed 40% improvement within 1 month and demonstrated significant lifestyle improvement.
  • Patients with palmoplantar pustulosis showed total healing from keratoderma in 8 months.
  • Patients with plaque psoriasis, who alternated using this with Clobetasol Propionate every other day, showed total healing in 8 days.
  • Patients who continue to apply this in affected areas showed no signs of reappearance of the disease in 24 months.
  • No side effects have been reported for 2 years, even after the studies were completed .